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Dr Musicology Nguyen Thanh Ha

Dr Musicology Nguyen Thanh Ha

Dr Musicology Nguyen Thanh Ha


Musicologist Nguyễn Thanh Hà studied and graduated Bachelor degree of Music Criticism in the National Conservatory of Vietnam; Master of Musicology - in Study of Oriental Music Culture in Shanghai Conservatory, China (full scholarship from the Chinese and Vietnamese Governments); PhD of Ethnomusicology in China Conservatory, Beijing (full scholarship from Vietnamese Government); and now is the current Vice president of Institute of Technologies and Education Development (ITED); Head of Foreign Relations and Project Development at Ho Chi Minh Conservatory.   

With 7 years studying abroad, over 20 years of learning and teaching experiences, participations and hosting many competitions, conferences abroad... and now, as the Director of TED SAIGON, he together with his colleagues are bringing TED SAIGON - School of the Arts  to the place "Where Talent meets Opportunities".

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