Ted Saigon - About TED SAIGON

international quality training



TED SAGON is passionate to become the primary symbol and trust of Vietnam’s arts education and artistic talent training. 



 To do the Discovery Orientation Education Celebration for artistic talents

 To accomplish the roles of arts training in total education.

 To give wings to Vietnamese artistic talents to fly high, fly far, up to international grades.





Regular performances – Love connections

Regular opportunities to show study advancement, get used to being on-stage and make preparations for big exchange events.


Competition enrollment – International outreach

Annual chances of international competittion to exchange skills, enhance competence and nourish dreams in pursuit of arts.    


Arts scholarships – Talent nurture

Achievement recognitions, financial supports and inspirational encouragement for potential development and passion pursuits. 


Social engagement – Sharing network

Increasing social responsibility, strengthening community bonds and bringing out contribution of arts education to life.


Training partnership – Brand affirmation

Focusing on domestic and foreign partnership, claiming international outreach of development strategies and education quality.



The mission of arts education is not only to train performing or composing artists, but more essentially, arts education also contributes to the development of comprehensive qualities, the perfection of aesthetics and life skills, the formation of personality and beautiful behaviors.



 To foster and develop artistic talents for all learners.

 ​To promote the standard of arts enjoyment.

​ To share artistic passions to all recipients.

 To train and advance the Arts up to professional level.   

 To help form, develop and improve personality via arts education.



 To share and exlore emotions through learning Music, Fine Arts, Dance…

 To approach and perceive music in a civilizing way.

 To enhance the skills of arts performing.

 To promote the values of musical and arts education.

 To deliver the value of knowledge and healthy entertainment.

 To achieve international level via ABRSM examinations - Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music.

​ To build TED SAIGON School of the Arts into the place – “Where talents meet opportunity”.